Why People Should Volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America, by Ethan Draddy


Becoming a volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America offers many benefits to adults and children. The 1.2 million adults who contribute their time to this organization have praised the program in enabling them to become better citizens, parents, employees, and leaders. Moreover, the vast majority of participants would promote the opportunity to friends and family.

Adult volunteers, one third of whom are women, come from a variety of occupations. People who lack experience in wilderness activities can still offer their services because the Boy Scouts of America conducts training classes that teach outdoor skills to beginner, intermediate, and advanced campers. Additionally, the organization provides handbooks that teach about age-appropriate activities for youths, ranging from Cub Scouts to Venturers.

Ethan Draddy is the Scout Executive and Chief Executive Officer of the Boy Scouts of America’s Baltimore Area Council and oversees the non-profit group comprised of 15,000 volunteers and 36,000 children. In this position, he understands the importance and real-life applications of the many skills taught by the Boy Scouts of America.


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